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Copy from us. The Fabrica Trust is open source.

It’s time to collaboratively build the future of real estate.

At Fabrica, we’ve developed a novel approach to owning real estate, unlocking instant transactions, liquidity and access to capital. At its core, the Fabrica Trust is a custom-designed legal instrument that bridges the traditional land title with the blockchain, upgrading how property ownership can operate. Driven by a commitment to transparency, innovation, and community collaboration, today we’re releasing our Trust Agreement as Open Source. Over the past five years, the Trust has successfully facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars worth of real estate onchain, making property ownership secure, accessible, and flexible. Now, we’re making the latest version available for everyone to build on.

This isn't your typical trust arrangement—it's designed specifically to bridge the old with the new, melding traditional real estate systems with blockchain's modernity. Our Trust exists solely to hold title, ensuring that full ownership and control are seamlessly linked to the possession of a corresponding token. 

Fabrica Trust Agreement (code view)

How does the trust work?

The trust is designed to consistently hold title, mediating between the token holder and official land registries. It replaces the complexities of traditional operations with streamlined, transparent processes. Control of the trust correlates directly with the ownership of a specific digital token. As this token changes hands, so does ownership of the property. This setup allows for a decentralized, tamper-proof system where the trust operates independent of any third party. Most importantly, Fabrica does not own nor manage the trust; rather, we facilitate its use, providing a standardized, user-friendly system for operating real estate onchain while leaving unmediated power and rights to property owners.

How you can innovate on the Fabrica Trust Agreement

Embracing the spirit of open source systems, we've crafted the Fabrica Trust to be a versatile platform for innovation. Users are encouraged to adapt and expand upon our foundational work, exploring new possibilities in real estate and beyond:

  • Different asset classes: Our trust can be forked and customized to a wide range of assets beyond real estate sales. We envision other companies bringing a wide range of real world assets onchain using our approach. Think big: domain names, car title, patents, high fashion, jewelry, furniture, artwork—or even yachts.

  • Global Reach: Our trust is adaptable for international use, capable of handling various property types across different jurisdictions. We envision experiments  to onramp properties outside of the US.

  • Expand the functionality: Whether it's fractional ownership or other new capabilities, the trust can be upgraded to meet evolving needs and serve new business models, opening up a new era of innovation for the largest asset class in the world.

Fabrica’s trust system is based on California law due to its versatility and legal robustness, though we've explored and are open to adaptations using other state laws and international frameworks. Review our trust docs to see how it can best be adapted to suit your needs and feel free to reach out to discuss improvements, new ideas or share your feedback.


The Fabrica Trust is more than just a tool—it's the firmware of onchain real estate. It is constantly being updated and refined to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of blockchain transactions with real world assets. We encourage you to fork our model, available on our GitHub repository, to create tailored solutions for your specific needs and Smart Contracts. Engage with our community by suggesting improvements or new applications—think of our trust agreement as a dynamic tool that's shaping the future of interoperable real property onchain.

As we continue to innovate, integrating features that facilitate lending through platforms like NFTfi, we look forward to seeing how people will use the Fabrica Trust to redefine what’s possible in real estate. Dive into the potential of RWA (real-world assets) onchain and help set new standards for the entire industry.

Explore more and contribute here: Fabrica GitHub Repository

Join us at the forefront of the onchain real estate revolution. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Fabrica Trust Agreement

Disclaimer: Real estate transactions and jurisdictional regulations are highly fact specific and require a knowledge of both state and federal laws. Fabrica does not assume any responsibility for any consequence of using the documents referenced here. These documents have been prepared for informational purposes and are not intended to constitute legal advice, create an attorney-client relationship, or be advertising or solicitation of any type. Any party should

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