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How to buy land onchain with your friends

We made land ownership easy. Now, DAOs are coming together to buy and sell land NFTs.


Welcome to the cutting-edge era of onchain real estate. At Fabrica, we’re pioneering the transition of land ownership to the blockchain—making it simpler, more secure, and more accessible for individuals and communities. Over the last few years, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have gained traction for their potential to revolutionize hierarchical business structures, using technology to engage in new modes of collective action. DAOs use smart contracts on the blockchain to govern group decisions like investments, funding, and positioning. All DAO members are welcome to vote, and the smart contract executes the decisions automatically.

At Fabrica, we are empowering DAOs to make collective land purchases. To date, we’ve seen a handful of DAOs come together to manage and execute real estate transactions onchain both seamlessly and effectively. These entities are not just redefining who can own land, but how the land is owned. From CougarDAO to HODLand to CoyoteCommons and CityDAO, each offers a unique case study in the opportunities that lie in blockchain-based land ownership. 

Let’s dive into how DAOs are changing the game with Fabrica’s platform.

DAOs in Action

Meet CougarDAO: CougarDAO is a blockchain real estate organization. Initially set on buying an island, this group of friends adapted their dreams to the more practical acquisition of a farm. Operating as a member-managed LLC, CougarDAO aims to generate and distribute income from their property holdings, demonstrating the versatility of DAOs in real-world applications. Plus, CougarDAO listed their acreage on hipcamp, where you can list and book space for tent camping, RV parks, cabins and more.  Check out CougarDAO’s profile on Fabrica.

HODLand DAO: Born from the minds at Fabrica, HODLand is both a proof of concept and a functional entity that has owned properties in California and Arizona. While the California property was sold, the Arizona land continues to offer intriguing possibilities. HODLand extends its impact by providing capital loans secured against land on NFTfi, showcasing how DAOs can function as dynamic financial entities. Take a look at HODLand’s holdings on Fabrica

Coyote Commons: Though still in its nascent stages, Coyote Commons is a testament to the belief in DAOs as a catalyst for revitalizing land ownership. Their vision extends beyond mere ownership to creating tangible assets like cabins or hosting short-term rentals, potentially evolving into a network state. Learn more about their journey.

CityDAO: This experiment in decentralized land ownership has started with a 40-acre plot in Wyoming, setting a precedent for how large-scale land management can be handled by a decentralized community, redefining governance and utilization in the process.

Buying Land Onchain for DAOs—Made Easy

Purchasing land as a DAO simplifies what has traditionally been a complex legal and financial process. There are now so many tools available to help set up and fund a DAO, create legal structures, organize members, and engage in governance.  You can use tools like Safe to set up a multisig wallet with and manage your assets, or Snapshot to participate in decentralized voting off chain.

Once your DAO is up and running, buying land with it on Fabrica is simple: it's just like acquiring any other digital asset onchain. There is no need to deal with old school deeds, complex forms, notaries, wet signatures, bank accounts or offchain payments. You can close onchain in just 30 seconds—a few clicks—and the land is legally owned by the DAO through Fabrica’s trust agreement.

Future Possibilities

When a DAO owns property, every member shares in the collective ownership of the token that represents that property (according to the setup of the DAO). Imagine a future where:

  • Extended Property Networks: A DAO could own multiple properties or fractions thereof, turning real estate investment into something more fluid and accessible.

  • Tokens: Issuing tokens will not only signify membership in a DAO, but potentially also participation in future revenues and gains from sales, loans and other productive uses of the property.

  • Innovative Ownership Models: From fractional ownership to timeshares, the possibilities for how property is owned and utilized are expansive.

But it doesn’t end there. What would your DAO do with ten acres? You could install a massive piece of artwork made of glass walls by Kimsooja. You could build a community network of cabins, like CabinDAO, use them to host an annual DAO retreat, or create timeshares for active members. You could hold a crypto conference by day/music festival by night, like FWB Fest or open an art gallery in the high desert, like the one started by Art Blocks. The possibilities are endless.

Kimsooja, To Breathe – AlUla, at Desert X 2024


As DAOs continue to evolve, the potential for growth in the real estate sector is immense. We encourage forward-thinking individuals and collectives to explore how the DAO model could fit into their future ventures.

The integration of DAOs and blockchain technology in real estate isn't just a trend; it's the beginning of a transformative journey. At Fabrica, we are committed to being at the forefront of this revolution, helping pioneers and others reshape the landscape of property ownership. Join us as we enter the next frontier of onchain real estate.

Discover More: Interested in learning more about DAOs and blockchain in real estate? Join the conversation on discord or head to the marketplace to start browsing for land.

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