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Blaze trails, own land onchain.

Interview with onchain land owner Aaron Garrett Greenberg of Land and Sound.

Onchain land is the next frontier in real estate ownership. Trailblazers are embarking on untried paths, and setting trails for even more adventurers to follow in their footsteps. Within Fabrica’s orbit, there are land enthusiasts who see the potential for the rapidly growing RWA (real world asset) movement. One of these trendsetters is Aaron Garrett Greenberg, founder of Land and Sound. In 2021, he founded Land and Sound to break new ground with collective, experimental land ownership. With a passion for land conservation, and experiential event design, Aaron has a vision for how owning land onchain fits into the future plans for his properties. His leaps of faith into this unprecedented new world offer a springboard for even more pioneers to follow.

Before becoming a land owner, Aaron carved out a niche as an underground event producer in California, hosting nomadic spa parties and healing arts events in what he describes as a “magical garden.” These gatherings featured harp music, sound therapy, massages, and open mics, using land as an outdoor venue whose potential was activated by artists and brought people from all walks of life together. This experience acted as his gateway to land ownership and profoundly shaped his future visions for the properties in his holdings. 

Now, as a licensed massage therapist, Aaron has traveled across many states, developing a keen sense of what he seeks in land. He has a penchant for open spaces that evoke a sense of mystique. A lifelong nomad, he recently put down roots in Borrego Springs, and purchased two properties—one in California, and one in New York—that have been onramped as land NFTs on Fabrica. 

Admitting his initial lack of knowledge about blockchains and crypto, that didn’t stop him from trying. Through Fabrica, he discovered a community of like-minded landowners who offered him their knowledge of onchain land. When he discusses his activity with skeptics, he quickly demystifies the process, saying, “It’s not that crazy. It’s just a land trust. And you’re able to exchange and sell it online. That’s all it is.”

A New York property, owned by Aaron Garrett Greenberg, of Land and Sound, represented as an NFT (left), and the real land (right).

Land collectors understand that the search for the perfect parcel is part of the journey. For Aaron, the thrill comes from visiting a site multiple times before placing an offer or through winning an auction. He made several trips to his California plot, taking advantage of his frequent visits to Yosemite, sometimes visiting the land multiple times within a single week. Aaron won his New York property through an online auction, where he faced no competition. Feeling exceptionally fortunate, he envisioned building a trail on the land even before he discovered its existence. Proud of this acquisition, he recognizes its potential, especially given its proximity to New York City, which is just an hour away. For him, finding land that resonates personally and aligns with his interests ignites him to push further.

His eyes light up when he talks about building, developing, and activating his land. The New York property may be landlocked, but sits near the new Schunnemunk Rail Trail development that serves as a bikeway and pedestrian path, offering opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and even a stage near the river for recording arts or reading books. His Dunsmuir property, situated near Mount Shasta in rural California—one of his favorite places in the world—boasts abundant fly fishing, the sound of trains echoing through the mountains, and a mystical atmosphere. He envisions constructing a day-use structure on it, facing the forest, where people can use synthesizers and headphones to record music in the ambience of nature.

The real world utility and beauty of the land is important, but its tokenization as an NFT offers new avenues for experimentation. Once his properties were onramped to Fabrica, Aaron was the first person to take out a loan against one of his parcels. The process was quick; within five minutes of accepting the loan, $8,000 landed in his wallet. With the loan, he plans to search for a new property in Texas to expand his growing portfolio. If finding a plot in Texas doesn't work out, he intends to develop his Northern California property, ensuring a win-win scenario.

At his core, Aaron is a connector. This is evident from the locations of his properties near railroad tracks and rivers, with dreams of hosting events to facilitate access and connection. He aims to extend this concept into the future, envisioning owning a network of properties to form a blockchain-based Hip Camp. His idea includes developing an artist token that grants camping rights across his land holdings. He wants to offer musicians and bands the ability to record in quiet, secluded spots with solar hookups, away from the disturbances of sound pollution, making these places uniquely suited for off-grid recordings and field work. 

Aaron believes in creating collaborative spaces where unused land is governed collectively, appealing to artists, videographers, photographers, and media producers who find the costs of city recording prohibitive. He envisions scenic locations not just for leisure but as creative studios for filming and production, proposing a bicoastal matrix that serves as both a physical and digital resource for creators to realize their dreams. As technology and physical land begin to intertwine more closely, Aaron's role in assembling the pieces and connecting new trails will be viewed as prescient.

Even after the land is owned, developed, and experimented with, the end goal for onchain land owners like Aaron revolves around independence, self-governance, and autonomy. His aim is not to disappear off the grid, but to carve out a future that’s fully in his control. By bringing land onchain, it becomes networked and removed from obscurity, embedded as an integral part of personal history that continually evolves and reveals more over time. With every venture into uncharted territory, he paves a path for others to follow, marking a trail of innovation and discovery.

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